Getting Started

Dear future patients, SpringCreek Fertility understands that beginning fertility treatment can be a stressful time for you and your partner.  We recognize that facing challenges to have children has a profound impact on people’s lives. We are here to provide treatments, guidance and support. Each person that faces these issues has a different background, a different story, with no two journeys being exactly alike. We recognize that and treat our patients accordingly. Being seen by a fertility specialist doesn’t mean you will go straight to an IVF cycle, there are multiple treatments paths. Fertility challenges are just that, challenges. For this reason, your first visit to us is intended to be one that is informative, efficient and highly personalized in order to provide you the most effective care possible in a compassionate and convenient manner.

Fertility treatments often involve multiple options. We will work with you to establish a relationship of mutual trust. We formulate a diagnostic evaluation that considers your unique circumstances. Based on the problem we will explain the merits of the various treatment options. Your questions will be answered to the best of our ability. Your treatment plan will be tailored to optimize your success rate over the shortest period of time. Insurance and financial issues will be taken into consideration when deciding which treatments to pursue.

At SpringCreek our goal is to make fertility treatments accessible. This journey doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The Getting Started section is designed to give you a big, broad overview of the world of infertility. The remaining sections of this website break down key areas in much greater detail.  The most effective way for couples to cope with these natural and normal feelings is to become educated about infertility, investigate thoroughly, and then to make a fully informed decision about their fertility care. There are no guarantees with any fertility treatment but there is a better chance for a faster, less expensive and less stressful experience with a positive outcome when you do your homework first.

You want to be sure that you are going to the best place for you and your partner. From a medical perspective, evaluate your doctor’s training, the clinic’s track record of success, and their treatment volume. From the emotional perspective, what kind of resources for support do they offer and is it integrated into the practice or part of an outside service? Are you comfortable with interactions you’ve had with staff? Cost is a big issue – do you get the sense they are on your team when it comes to insurance and payment options? Most importantly, seek the recommendation from people you trust, your doctor or friends who have gone to the Center.

Recommended Sites:

Education: ASRM, Fertility JourneyFertility Lifelines, Increase Your Chances, and Birds and Bees
Online Community: IVF ConnectionsFertility Authority
Patient Advocacy: Resolve and American Fertility Association
Medication: EMD SeronoMerck and Ferring

Wishing you the very best. We look forward to supporting you on your fertility journey.

~SpringCreek Fertility Associates

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