Paying for Treatment

One of the first questions that comes to mind when a couple finds they need the help of a fertility specialist is “how will I pay for treatment?”

We understand that navigating the cost of infertility treatment can be challenging.  For this very reason, we have staff dedicated to financial counseling. We are committed to working with each individual patient or couple to research and understand the many options available for financing infertility treatment.

The good news is that many couples do have health insurance benefits to cover the initial consultation and diagnostic testing. Some people may also have coverage for fertility treatment including IUI and IVF. We recognize that understanding your insurance benefits can be frustrating and that a “lack of understanding” often prevents couples from moving forward with fertility treatment. That is why we have invested substantial resources in making the financial/insurance process as seamless as possible for you.

Treatment Costs

IUI Costs:

Our rates are well below the national averages. Typical cycle treatment cost are listed below. Your treatments will be submitted to insurance. If these treatments are not covered by your insurances, you may expect the following costs.

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Management, Monitoring & Blood Work = $1150 + medication
    National Average $2250

IVF Treatment Costs:

At SCF, the clinical pregnancy rates per egg retrieval and subsequent embryo transfers now exceed 80% for the best candidates. Our costs for IVF are much less than the national average of $17,000. Our typical cost including self pay and cash discounts are as follows:

  • Single Fresh IVF cycle = $8,200 plus the cost of meds
  • IVF with ICSI = $9,200 plus the cost of meds
  • Frozen Embryo Cycle = $3,500 plus the cost of meds

You will receive an individualized quote once your evaluation is completed.

For patients who do not have insurance coverage for fertility treatments, we offer multiple programs to meet patient needs:

  • Bundled Treatments for both IUI’s and IVF (all patients qualify)
    • Offers fixed cost to pursue multiple cycles at discounted rates rather than paying individually
  • In-House Payment Plan options (available on non-bundled treatments)
    • For treatments that are not included in bundled programs
  • Shared Risk for IVF (available to patients meeting criteria)
    • Discounted treatment costs with peace of mind guarantee for those that qualify

Comparison Sheet
**Please note:  IUI bundles are back!

One of our goals is to help make fertility treatments and preservation accessible. In the Dayton metro area, we have partnered with Compassionate Corps for injured military members and the Livestrong Foundation to help reduce the cost of treatment for those dealing with the loss or potential loss of fertility due to cancer treatments. We also offer discounts to active duty military members, teachers, and public sector employees. Let SpringCreek assist you in building your family today.