Fertility Preservation/Egg Freezing

Are you wanting to have children in the future, you just know that now isn’t the right time? There are many reasons that women want to delay becoming pregnant: career demands, travel opportunities, finding a partner, and the list goes on. While 40 may be the new 30 in terms of how we look and feel, unfortunately the formidable biological clock hasn’t shifted with our extended life expectancies. Egg Freezing gives women the opportunity to halt that clock and consider 40 as the new 30 in terms of egg quality and opportunities for having a successful pregnancy using their own eggs!

Who is a candidate for egg freezing?
For those interested in freezing their own eggs, evidence suggests egg freezing success is related to a woman’s age. Our experience thus far with oocyte cryopreservation allows us to provide you with the following guidelines for determining if egg freezing is right for you. This is assuming that you, our client, has satisfactory ovarian reserve testing and if being treated for cancer, no prior exposure to chemo or radiation therapy.

Prime Result Candidate
Best – excellent chances for success / Under age 35 years

Good Result Candidates
Good chances for success / Ages 35-37 years

Fair Result Candidates
Moderate chances for success / Ages 37.5-39 years

Marginal Result Candidates
Some guarded chance of success / Ages 39.1 to 40 years

Non-Eligible Candidates
Age over 40 years or any woman with unsatisfactory ovarian reserve testing outcomes.

You can find other programs that will freeze your eggs at this age, but there are NO reports from anywhere in the world that such freezing offers a reasonable chance for success.

Want to learn more?
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