Today young adult survivors of cancer and other diseases are looking forward to a future of long term survival due to improved treatments. However, many of the therapies that have so effectively helped increase survival have side effects that may cause the loss of fertility.

  • For women, certain therapies can cause ovarian damage or failure, early menopause, genetic damage to growing eggs and other reproductive problems.
  • For men, treatments can cause damage to the testes and interfere with sperm production.

New reproductive technologies are providing possibilities for preserving fertility in survivors of cancer and other diseases, yet many patients are unaware of these options.

In most cases, decisions on fertility preservation need to be made before treatment begins. Your treatment team can help you understand the options available, assess risks and eligibility, and provide referrals to individuals who are experts in this field.

The impact of a given treatment on fertility can vary and so can the time available before starting life saving cancer treatments. Fertility preservation treatments must be tailored to the individual circumstances and integrated with the treatment regimen. Close coordination between the treating physician and the reproductive endocrinologist is the key to preserving family-building options for patients. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your fertility preservation options prior to your cancer treatment.

Oncofertility for Women brochure

Oncofertility for Men brochure

Discounted Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients

As a proud participant in the Fertile Hope program SpringCreek Fertility has agreed to the significantly discounted cycle packages above. Patients approved through the Fertile Hope program will receive a medication grant and would be eligible for the discounted package fees. Patients that do not meet Fertile Hope’s criteria will not receive the medication grant however SpringCreek will honor the same discounted package fees.

The Fertile Hope program is offered by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Fertile Hope offers grants to eligible oncology patients seeking fertility preservation. To begin the Fertile Hope application process and to review eligibility criteria please visit their website at www.livestrong.org/fertility or contact them at 855-844-7777.

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