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Waiting for Cosette

By Heather Martin Posted on

For nearly four years, Cosette’s mom and dad—Leah and Jeff—did what many of the 7 million couples with infertility do: They tried. Tried again. Tried some more. Talked to the gynecologist, then the endocrinologist. Underwent months of fertility treatment. Smiled through excruciating pain as other couples announced pregnancies. Tried again anyway.

Leah and Jeff’s fertility clinic, which was not SpringCreek, never determined the cause of their infertility, and eventually they stopped treatments. Undiagnosed fertility is relatively rare—at SpringCreek less than 10 percent of couples have infertility that we can’t explain. This compares to more than 30 percent at many centers nationally.

Leah opened up about her struggle to a friend who’d had fertility challenges and had conceived and given birth after working with a naturopath. Five weeks after starting to work with the same practitioner, Leah was pregnant.

Leah says that changing her health habits was critical for her, but sharing her story was also powerful treatment. “Fertility issues are so common,” she says. “It helps to be able to talk with others in the same situation. If it hadn’t been for others sharing, Cosette wouldn’t be here.”

One of the biggest tragedies of infertility is that it can make women believe something is wrong with their bodies and that they will never be able to conceive, Leah says. If you know only your own experience, you may continue to think you have no hope. Connecting with others who have gone through what you’re going through not only normalizes your infertility, it can give you new perspectives and options.

During this National Infertility Awareness Week, share your story. Lean on people who understand what it’s like to work so hard for something that seems so easy for other people. SpringCreek Fertility offers support groups for individuals and couples still trying to solve their fertility puzzle. Our staff is also ready to help you explore all of the possibilities for building a family. There are many paths to fertility, and we believe that doing what works for you is important.

Waiting for Cosette was hard. But she’s one of those babies whose eyes seem deep with a wisdom that belies her short time on Earth so far. It’s like she knows exactly what it was like for her parents to imagine her, just out of their reach. And how they feel now that she’s home.

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