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The Pain of Living with Infertility during the Coronavirus “Baby Boom”

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The Pain of Living with Infertility during the Coronavirus “Baby Boom”

The coronavirus pandemic has undeniably been stressful for everyone, but there is a hidden and painful level of even deeper stress for men, women, and couples who are privately dealing with infertility during these already challenging times.

The media and many well-meaning people are having a field day with jokes about the upcoming “baby boom” that is anticipated to result from couples being quarantined at home. Constantly hearing about the ease and frequency with which other couples are conceiving can be a dagger to the heart of those suffering from infertility.

At SpringCreek Fertility Clinic in the greater Columbus, OH area we understand the psychological toll that other’s insensitive remarks about a “quarantine baby boom” can have on those who are struggling with infertility - and we are here to help.

The Loss & Grief of Infertility

Sadly, the undeserved stigma surrounding infertility can often create an emotional climate of silence and invisibility. The unfair stigma surrounding infertility can make it difficult for men, women, and couples to discuss their situation or to reach out for support. So, they often find themselves navigating the loss and grief of infertility alone.

Unlike other medical conditions, infertility and its accompanying losses are not outwardly visible – so they are often neither seen nor understood by others who simply take fertility “for granted.”  Even when a person does talk openly about infertility, most people do not know how to respond in ways that are validating and compassionate, making the situation worse by minimizing the pain and invalidating the grief. 

When grief occurs after the death of a loved one, you are left with memories of that person to look back on. Others understand the loss and express sympathy and condolences. A wake or funeral is held to help you process your grief. You are even given time off work for bereavement. In other words, when someone dies, your loss and grief is recognized, acknowledged, validated, and supported.

But the losses associated with infertility are often left unacknowledged and unsupported. The loss or delay of a desired family, and being denied the joy of pregnancy, parenting, and a genetic legacy, also causes grief that is just as real as the loss of a loved one.

The Coronavirus “Baby Boom” and Infertility

For those struggling with infertility, even under normal times, offhanded and misguided comments of family members, friends, co-workers, doctors, the media, and even total strangers can be extremely hurtful or invalidating. But the new constant talking and joking about what seems like everyone else getting pregnant during the coronavirus quarantine “baby boom” adds infinite salt to the wound.

At SpringCreek Fertility Clinic in the greater Columbus, OH we are here to help with both the physical and emotional difficulties of infertility – during the time of coronavirus and always. Our infertility experts have dedicated their careers to helping the thousands of women and men that struggle with infertility.

Our staff can help you manage the roller coaster of emotions and stress you are experiencing while trying to conceive. They are there to listen to your concerns, answer all of your questions, and to vent. 

Our staff is here through the highs and the lows, helping you to navigate these current emotional and trying times.

Advanced Infertility Treatments – Columbus, OH

Our highly qualified and caring Columbus, OH area infertility counselors can also connect you with the best, most advanced infertility treatments. In addition to IVF and other state-of-the-art infertility treatments, we also offer a carefully screened and vetted database of the highest quality egg donors, sperm donors, surrogates, and gestational carriers.

Our wide array of comprehensive, cutting-edge fertility treatments means that building a family is within reach for any person or couple – whether both partners, one partner, or neither partner are able to conceive.

If you are struggling with infertility, we welcome you with open arms at SpringCreek Fertility Clinic in the greater Columbus, OH area. We understand the loss, grief and stress of infertility – especially during these challenging times.

We are here to assist you with love, compassion, and the latest reproductive technologies – so you can build the family you have always dreamed of.

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