Donor Egg

Donor Egg

Donor eggs can come from several sources. The needs for donor eggs vary. Donor egg cycles are monitored by the FDA and the regulations must be followed to ensure health, safety and compliance.

Known Egg Donor

A known egg donor is a female friend or family member that is willing to donate eggs to help you achieve the desired pregnancy. Typically the intended donor first meets with Dr. Groll and the intended parent(s) and undergoes some initial blood work. Once we determine the donor is a good match the known donors and the intended parents fill out questionnaires, meet with both attorneys and psychological counselors, and ensure everyone understands the commitment and consents to the treatment and outcomes. Once the necessary paperwork and testing has been performed and the consents and legal agreements signed, the known egg donor undergoes an egg retrieval cycle timed in accordance with the intended family’s needs.

Fresh donor egg (anonymous)

Women who want to help people achieve their dreams of building their families through children donate eggs to the intended parents. These anonymous donors complete diagnostic tests, complete questionnaires and wait to be matched with a family. Once the match is made and the intended family is ready, the fresh donor goes through an egg retrieval cycle timed in accordance with the intended family’s needs. Agencies and the donor are reimbursed for their time and efforts.

Frozen donor egg/ Egg bank eggs (anonymous)

In the last few years, the technology for egg freezing/cryopreservation has improved significantly. This has led to the creation of egg banks. Here families can select approximately six eggs from a donor of their choice. Egg banks may offer more selections, but the batches are small. Research on cryopreservation of eggs indicates that 12 frozen eggs is desirable to achieve one take home baby, but banks are selling eggs in batches of six. Depending upon your family plans and your financial resources, this may be an option for you.

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