Embryo Donation

Donor Embryo

In an embryo donation, families with remaining embryos donate these embryos to another family wanting to achieve a pregnancy and childbirth. There are a number of reasons why a family might choose to donate embryos and many reasons why another family might be willing to receive donated embryos.

The embryos have been created and so the cost of the procedure is significantly less than an IVF cycle. It is important to discuss this approach with your provider. There are pros and cons to this approach that should be evaluated before embarking on an embryo donation.

Directed Embryo Donation

One family knows another family that desires to receive donated embryos. They direct their donation to this family. The two families work with SpringCreek as well as attorneys and therapists to complete consents and legal agreements prior to beginning the intended pregnancy journey.

Anonymous Embryo Donation

The intended family works with SpringCreek and an agency to find an appropriate match and complete the necessary screening and consents prior to the intended pregnancy journey.

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