IVF Laboratory

SpringCreek Fertility’s State-of-The-Art IVF Laboratory

The embryology laboratory is one of the most important components of any IVF fertility practice that will lead to success.

SpringCreek’s IVF Laboratory was designed by MedTech for Solutions, a company focused in the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) market. Our laboratory is one of the most advanced laboratories with the sole purpose of the production of healthy human embryos. It includes special incubators that provide reduced oxygen environment for culturing embryos to the blastocyst stage of in vitro development.

The environment where embryos are grown is of key importance. The quality of the air in the laboratory can alter the quality of the embryos being produced. Embryos are extremely sensitive that react to particles, microbes, and VOC’s or volatile organic compounds in the air. The HVAC system plays a major role that supplies constant temperature and controlled humidity notwithstanding climate and the normal seasonal changes. This provides a stable environment in order to attain the maximum performance of all the precise laboratory equipment. The filtration system contains pre-filters to remove larger particles in the air, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters that remove >99.9% of dust particles and microbes >0.3 um in size (300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair) and chemical filters containing activated carbon and potassium permanganate for the removal of toxic substances and harmful VOC’s.

The IVF laboratory was designed to be isolated from the outside environment by having tightly sealed ceilings, walls, light fixtures, utility connections and airtight doors making it ‘impermeable’ to outside contaminants, airborne toxins and microbes from leaking into the room. The embryology laboratory is pressurized above the adjacent procedure rooms so that the air moves from the embryology lab to the procedure room and out, preventing any toxins or contaminants that are in the air from entering the lab through the doors. Additionally, the HVAC system has been developed to safeguard against any outside air pollution such as nearby fires, highway construction and chemical spills where by we simply recirculate the air inside the laboratory. The SpringCreek laboratory has been designed to imitate the same environment that occurs in normal growth of the embryos inside a woman’s body that provides their patients the high rate of success of having a child. Poorly designed laboratories lead to low pregnancy rates due to toxic agents circulating in the air, thus impacting embryo development.

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