Out of Town Patients

Out of Town Patients

We Welcome Out of State and International Patients
Initial Consultation

The initial consultation can be done over the telephone, if necessary. The time will be scheduled for you by our patient care representative. At the scheduled time, our physician will call you to review your medical history and begin to establish an individualized treatment plan. It would be helpful for you to have access to your medical records at this time.

Infertility Evaluation

After this consultation, you will need to have blood work done to evaluate your day 3 hormone levels, including FSH, LH, and estrodial levels. The results of these tests will help your doctor assess your level of ovarian function as well as to identify other potential obstacles that may interfere with the IVF cycle. You may also need a semen analysis, blood tests for infectious disease, and a hysterosalpingagram (HSG) if these have not already been performed. We will help you coordinate the testing in your own town.

Many patients are asked to start birth control pills in anticipation of treatment. BC pills improve the timing and egg development during your IVF cycle.

One Day Visit

Next, you will travel to our office for a comprehensive one-day evaluation. You will meet with a nurse coordinator for an extensive educational overview of the IVF process and the injectable medications you’ll be using during your IVF cycle. You’ll also meet with your doctor to review your evaluation, the treatment plan, and answer any questions you may have.

Purchasing Medications

You will next be asked to purchase the medication required during your IVF cycle. You can purchase the medication form your local pharmacy or they can be sent to you from a discount mail order pharmacy.

Initiating the IVF Cycle

Once your IVF cycle begins and you start taking your medications, we will help you coordinate your medical care with a local physician. This doctor will arrange early ultrasound and blood work (usually referred to as monitoring) to monitor your response to the fertility medications. These monitoring results will be faxed to us on the day they are completed and evaluated by our physician. You will receive a call that afternoon from an IVF nurse at SpringCreek who will provide you with medication instructions. Most patients can begin taking their fertility medications at home when a local physician is involved.

Egg Retrieval and Embryo Transfer

You will travel back to our center approximately 4-6 days prior to egg retrieval. Final ultrasound studies and blood hormone evaluation will be performed during this period to pinpoint the exact time of optimal egg development. When your eggs are ready, you will be scheduled for an egg retrieval. Your husband/partner should be present on the day of egg retrieval to provide a semen specimen that will be used to fertilize the eggs.

Embryo Transfer

After 3-5 days of growth in the laboratory following your egg retrieval, you will return to SpringCreek for your embryo transfer. You can return home 24 hours after embryo transfer. At this time, you will receive instruction about which medications you may need to begin or continue taking. Our IVF nurses will work closely with you to provide as much advance notice as possible about your travel dates.

Pregnancy Test

Approximately 14 days after egg retrieval, you will have a blood pregnancy test performed by your local doctor. These tests will be sent to us the same day, so we can inform you of the results. If you are pregnant we will continue to work with you and your local doctor to coordinate the ultrasounds, lab work, and medications that are necessary to maximize your chance of maintaining a successful pregnancy.

To learn more about SpringCreek Fertility's care for out of state and international patients, please contact our office by calling us at (937) 458-5084.

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