Refund Programs

Refund Programs

How can IVF be more affordable and increase my chances of success?

IVF is the most effective fertility treatment for most women and couples, but the cost and the uncertainty of the outcome may keep many patients like you from trying. Now you can be confident about your chances of success with IVF and your ability to pay for it.

To help more women and couples build their families, we are proud to offer the SpringCreek IVF Refund Program as an option for most of our patients, guaranteeing a refund if you do not succeed with treatment.

This program is designed to help you save money and time, while increasing your chances of success. Patients who are eligible for the refund program can take advantage of up to three IVF treatment cycles, including use of all available frozen embryos. If you do not succeed within three cycles, we will refund you up to 80% of the cost depending on the program you qualify for.

We are able to offer the SpringCreek IVF Refund Program to more than 70% of self-pay patients, while most other fertility centers offer refund programs to only a limited number of patients. This is because we use the Univfy PreIVF Report, which provides highly accurate, personalized predictions of each individual patient’s chances of IVF success. With the Univfy PreIVF Report, many more patients can qualify for the SpringCreek IVF Refund Program.

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