Shared Risk & Bundled Plans

Shared Risk & Bundled Plans

Shared Risk Refund Guarantee

You may have heard of a program referred to as “shared risk” or “guaranteed IVF”. For those that qualify, patients are offered a package of IVF services at a prepaid price, which is typically several times the cost of a single IVF cycle. The advantage of these programs is that a patient can pursue IVF, typically for 3 fresh and multiple frozen embryo transfer cycles, at a discounted rate rather than paying for every cycle individually. The end point is either a pregnancy or the patient gets most or all of the initial fee back. Thus the program shares the cost with the patient. Not all patients are candidates for this program. This type of program allows patients to continue treatment without fear of paying all the costs without ultimate results.

SpringCreek Fertility’s exclusive Shared Risk Refund Program is available for qualified, self-pay patients using in vitro fertilization (IVF), donor eggs, and/or gestational carrier. This program allows you to do a maximum of three fresh and three frozen in vitro fertilization cycles. The endpoint of the program is live birth. You either have a baby or you receive a 50% refund. You must meet the following criteria and have a full evaluation performed at SpringCreek Fertility.

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Patient must be less than 38 years at the start of the program (would include treatment through their 37th year)
  • AMH > 1.2
  • FSH must be less than 10
  • Patient must weigh less than or equal to 200 pounds or if over 200 lbs. have a BMI of less than or equal to 32
  • Patient shall have no more than 2 pregnancy losses unless approved by one of our physicians
  • Patient shall have had no more than 2 previous failed IVF cycles
  • Patient shall have normal uterine anatomy
  • Male patient should have
    • Sufficient ejaculated sperm (fresh or frozen)
    • Sufficient TESE sperm from males with obstructive azoospermia (CF carriers and vasectomy patients)
    • DNA Fragment Index (DFI) < 35

50% Refund Program

This program is in effect for 24 months. Included in the fees are 3 IVF and frozen embryo transfer cycles based upon the number of embryos available to transfer. Patients receive a 50% refund if they do not achieve a live birth. The following is the cost for this program:

Age < 35 with IVF only: $18,750
Age < 35 with ICSI: $20,750
Age 35 – 37 IVF only: $21,750
Age 35 – 37 IVF with ICSI: $23,750

Bundled Treatments

We have both standard bundled treatments and individualized bundled programs designed to meet a patient’s individual treatment plan. Please call the SpringCreek financial counseling team for more information. These programs are available for both IUI and IVF.

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